John Coffee @ Submit USJ, KL

31 03 2008

As like Penang and Ipoh… Ipoh Old Town coffee can be seen everywhere.. while in KL.. de Uncle John Coffee can be taste anytime.. i saw this shop in many malls in KL.. so i think is famous dere.. hehe..

Have a taste of it after saw Gary Yap in The Submit USJ. This shop is located in basement of the mall next to Mcdonalds.


– The Menu-

The enviroment is nice and very coxy as well de service is good as well. really love the place dere. I love the antique look of the shop that had caught my attention :).. i ordered white coffee , while XY and Anna ordered Tea and Cham Peng ( Combination of Tea and coffee)..

IMG_2317 IMG_2319


– The Environment-


– The other Menu-

Now comes our drinks… hehe..

IMG_2324 IMG_2323

– Cham Peng- – Teh Peng-


– The White Coffee-

The price is reasonable.. Each cup of cold coffee just RM 2.80. It is consider cheap and de coffee taste is real nice

Price: reasonable

Environment: Good

Service: Good


Super Noodle House @ Sg Wang, KL:

31 03 2008

Was in Sg Wang today and spoted a restorant in front of sungai wang.. is a chinese restorant .. food is not bad but price is a bit expensive.. we had our lunch we arein hurry to go to Summit USJ.. Had my lunch dere..


– The Menu-

I ordered Wanton Soup while Anna other Duck meat noodles.. The shop is Super Noodle house where de specialities are mainly noodles.. The noodles are different from Penang Wan Ton mee.. as teh noodles are tiny as well as more..hard to bite.. can say like ar.. dono le.. but is something like dat kua.

Price is a a quite reasonable.. and food is not bad except fr de dessert.. the taste is a bit weird. So, i don much recomend on them.. hmmmmmm… Let see wat i ordered.


– The Duck Wan Tan Mee-

RM7.90 for the Duck Mee.. is it consider expensive.. for me is real big portion on this wan tan mee.. and the taste is not realli nice..


– The Wantan Mee-

This wantan mee is also very big portion and de wan tan taste very nice. Price is RM 8.. hmm.. expensive rite? i think so as well..


– Mango Pudding-

This one .. de mango pudding.. not recomended.. the taste in kinda weird and not nice at all.. not worth it .. RM 4.50 per bowl.


Price: a bit expensive

Environment: Not too friendly the waiter

Food: 3/5


Revisit: Dunkin Donuts

31 03 2008

The first thing I did when I reach KL is to have Dunkins Donut.. thats my favorite Donuts beside JCo.. but if to choose.. I love JCo more.. Wat i had today is always my favorite choc papermint donut.. and de thing is it is fabolous.. and yummy.. I love them.. but the one I had at the Pudu Bus Station.. The service of the Dunkin Donut was horrible.. and de apperance wise is not as nice as JCo.. in Pavillion.. Gosh..

taste of the donuts is nice… 😛

– Dunkin Donuts-

Price : RM 2.30 per pc

Service: Bad.. don go fr Pudu one.. the one is mid valley was good


99 cents ice cream from Kings @ Giant, Penang

31 03 2008

I am down wif cough for a couple of weeks.. and is now fully recover and my craziness on ice cream is back.. I love Ice creams.. yummy.. and that day i pass by the Giant supermarket in bayan lepas was having sale on ice cream.. 99 cents.. wau.. is jus 99 cents and u can grab a nice yummy ice cream to ur mouth.. worth it right?

I had my yummy ice cream from Kings at the Giant Supermarket and having a three flavour, peanut sealed wif chocolates… vanila and strawberry inside.. em.. overall this ice cream is worth for the price of it!!hehe.. TRy them


– Thats de ice cream packing-


– The inside view of the yummy ice creams-

Fish and chips @ Chef & Brew, Krystal Point 2, Penang

27 03 2008

This one very long di de pic.. i just post them.. today.. is last Oct 2006 picture.. kinda long di.. Is makan when i was thinking to wait fr someone special at that time.. but i fail to… at last.

It was located.. at Krystal point 2 where you can see many car companies dere.. Naza, Proton and all… and it was located along the lots dere.. wat i eat there .. yummy fish and chips was real supperb… ichi ban!!!!

– Fish and Chips-

Burger from Subway @ E-Gate, Penang

27 03 2008

Subway.. I tried once when I am in Dell.. where our team won some contest so we are entitled fr makan Subway.. thats my first time.. and today.. i want to have Subway again.. yummy..cause my mood not really good.. when my mood is not good… i will start makan and makan… so have makan many things today.. i will post one by one.. when i am free.. Need to pack up to KL.. so will not have updates.. for this 2-3 days.. till i back to Penang.

Em.. this is de one i eat .. is real expensive a burger cost me RM 10… imagine.. haha.. but is real nice la.. yummy..

Leng Zi Kang

27 03 2008

penang food

Desserts have always been an important part of Chinese cuisine.
They come as a part of set dinners.They can be standalone meals, eaten with eu char koay (deep fried cakes).
This stall was started in the 1930s along Kimberley Street and is now run by third-generation hawker Goh Cheng Hoe.
Leng chi kang is something i love as is is a sweet, clear soup with an assortment of additions like dried leng chi, lotus seeds, gingko seed and jelly. Yummy.. especially when i take them in hot weather 🙂