Burmah Road Apong..

16 03 2008

Apong is a type of pancake that you can get in Malaysia. Strangely I am not an Apong fan but it was recomended by Ho Chiak from TV8 thats wat i wan to get a try on it

Penang island….. is a place for Apong?… truely it is… The Apong Heaven,….. so fluffy, so creamy, so light, so soft and yet with the taste and a hint of sweetcorn and ripe juicy banana.

You can find these two Apong stalls just at the roadside of Jalan Burma, Penang and it is only RM0.30 a piece……. such a bargain for such lovely dessert. This Apong can be taken while they are warm and cold but I really prefer when there are warm….. so soft and so creamy, lovely as it melts in your mouth. I would say they are goes well with a cuppa of tea or coffee.

At each batches, nine Apongs can be generated from the moulded pan and takes about 5-6 minutes to ready. Therefore if you want to taste this heavenly delicious Apongs, you may need to place order them in advance or even mobile them, if not you may need to wait half an hour for yours.




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