Chef Delights- yummy Western

16 03 2008

Is a bit slow for me to review the food taken by me on wednesday. The food is nice.. due to a bit blur yesterday, i din review it at this moment.. until now..em.i been dere many many times.. but always forgot bout CAMERA.. so wat can i do? no pictures taken lo. but that day, i had my camera wif me.. yEAH as is time for me to see wats nice on dere.. where’s the shop – Pulau Tikus.. as well haha.. Near the market as well.

Ehm..I reached dere at 7 pm..still not dark de sky..hehe.. i ordered Chicken Maryland while my sis ordered Fish and Chips.. Yummy yummy.. Cant wait for the food.. oops.. forget, when I had my western food dere.. ehm… Adding fried bananas .. thats wat i always do.. nice.

Walking back to the table waiting fr the yummy food had attracted me one thing.. ehm..StrawberrY Ice blended.. I am strawberry lover.. how can i resist it..haha.. i ordered it as well .. hehe.. Just RM 2 for a big big cold strawberry iceblended.. wah….

Strawberry Juice- P.tikus
-Straw BeRRy JuICe-

Waiting my yummy food.. hehe.. nice one.. Here it comes my yummy yummy Chicken Chop for just RM 7.. hehe .. nice nice one.. the sos is nice as well .

Chicken Chop-Western Food- P.TikusChicken chop -Western Food- P.Tikus

– My Yummy Chicken Chop-

Fish and chip - Western Food- P.Tikus

– Fish and Chips-

Isn’t it looks Yummy!!! yeah.. i have it at last my nice chicken chop.. the gravy not that sweet or too sour but it is a bit oily as it is fried stuff.. em.. other will be fine.. everything is fresh.Before i go back, i snap a picture of the chef.. isn’t it profesional..??

Western Food- P.Tikus




One response

17 06 2008
david tan

THANKS, glad u enjoy my food.

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