Food Loft- Mango Pudding And TomYam

16 03 2008

Tired of fast food in Gurney or would u like to try some special nice food in Gurney Plaza.. Is a romantic place to eat in GP.. Is in Food Loft.. I been there a few times and i really love the food dere…
I will never fail to order one food for sure thats the Mango Pudding.. though many say is a bit expensive.. but i still like to eat them.. is just RM 10 + for all the yummy delicious..MANGO .. Other than that, the mango is fresh mango and have a bit of milk and ice in it. Its real nice and yummy..

Mango Pudding

– MAngo Pudding-

Mango pudding

– The Closeup Meal-

Another one thats nice is the Tom Yam Mee. The Tom Yam Mee is very nice as is has the tom yam smell and teh seafood is very fresh.. other than that, it quite spicy as well..


– Tom Yam Mee-





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