Golden Sand Hawker Centre

16 03 2008

Last week, I went to have a new try in a new food court at Tanjing Bungah called ” Golden Sand Food Court”. Though choices of the food are not as much as other places… but the place is clean as well have nice yummy food to eat ..em.. choices of food are not much.. but having parking places is my choice.. good parking.. haha.. the food court is jus nearby to the Tg Bungah hotel and its open in the evening ..

The food we ordered are yummy.. My sis ordered squids and kerabu tang hun.. while my mum and grandma ordered nice yummy sweet and sour fish and teowchew noodles. is yummy and is not expensive.

Lets see wat we eat…

Kerabu Bihun

Kerabu Bihun

The taste is nice.. is a bit sour and have shrimps and chicken and bits of squids in it. Other than that, it is has a lot of choice of food.. as well as.. and the price is about RM7-8 per plate.. we share dem.. and is kinda full having them. Other than that, we also some squids for makan.. Squids thats nice.. is big big one and the taste is fresh. And we dip them wif chily sos..only and the taste is superb..


-Yummy Squids-

Other things, we ordered are the lemak Laksa.. The Lemak laksa is a bit different cause is thai style.. is not the same style as Penang .. is abit hot and a bit too lemak.. hehe.. Other than that, the bihun is not the same as the normal laksa noodles.. suprising.. is more like Thai style where they also give u some lemon to squeze on your laksa.. so u have a bit sour.. as well..


– Nyonya Laksa-




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