Jones Road Mee Goreng

16 03 2008

There ara many place to have Mee Goreng in Penang.. famous one will be in Bangkok Lane.. and another i love is the Jones Road Mee Goreng. This stall has been about 15 years di as i started to love the Mee goreng from this stall ever since i am Form 1 and i will bought dem for my lunch.

Em.. talking of this yummy food, it has squid, tauhu and mee.. and it can choose whether you wan mee goreng or rebus.. so u have de preferance.. but me i like goreng more..

The stall now had moved to Jalan Pasar in Pulau Tikus opposite the market and you can see dem.. in a shop along that area.. Have a try there.. and the shop starts to open at about 7 am till nite.. and there will be a break in between about 3.Other than mee goreng, the western food is nice as well. I forget wat the shop name. here goes the map..




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