KFC Fever fr Dad Bday

16 03 2008

Last Sunday, my daddy birthday and he suggested to have KFC , so we went KFC for makan last Sunday.. em.. i never think that KFC got breakfast and the variety is more than MCDonalds.. hmm.. maybe should take a try once i think of it..

Ehm.. we ordered KFC set 2 dinner plate and a set of new release rice set.. my mum get the rice set and me and dad get dinner plate.. it cost me bout RM 40 kinda cheap.. compare eat in restorant and wat suprise me is KFC accept credit card.. wau.. since when fast food restorant accept credit card.. i never knew bout it either.. maybe i had not makan in KFC for nearly 3-4 months so i never realized KFC accept Credit card..

Nice and cheap dinner.. haha.

KFC Fever



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