Cheap and yummy Penang Nyonya Curry Mee

16 03 2008

Penang curry noodles is serve with cube of pig’s blood jelly, squid, cockles, prawns, bean sprouts, toufu puff and of course the delicious curry gravy. Some places have additional toppings such as curry chicken. And with a handful of fresh mint leaves on top, it makes the perfect blend of Penang very own curry mee.

Believe me; curry noodle is best eaten when it’s hot and spicy. So, don’t be shy to ask for more chili and prepare yourself with some tissue paper to wipe out the sweat coming from your face.Penang curry noodles is available almost everywhere in Penang with each place have their own recipe and special appeal.

A bowl of curry noodles normally cost about RM2.00 to RM3 and can get up to RM6 for additional topping of prawn, cuttlefish and others ingredients.One of the famous place for curry noodles lovers in Penang will be at in the Air Itam Market.This place has become so famous in Penang that it has come to be regarded Penang very own curry mee. This place are well known and sometimes the seat will be fully occupied but trust me, the wait will be worthwhile.


Taste: 5/5

Price : RM 2.00 and AbOVE




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