Sandakan Sea Food Bak Kut Teh

16 03 2008

I assure you cant find this else where except for the seafood paradise, Sandakan. If you wanna try, come and pay this store a visit. I assure you too wont regret with the bak kut teh you have in that place, considering the food, the innovative taste, the seafood and its freshness and not to forget, the reasonable price.I happened to be in this place during my last visit to the town and was brought by uni senior to this place.

It is located in a new township which Sandakan people usually call it Bandar Indah. Tho it was my first time in that shop, but definitely not my virgin taste on the seafood bak kut teh. I had it some years ago, during my uni days in Sabah.Mind you, it is not a mixture of all kind of seafood in one bowl. Instead, it is by variety. You have a choice to choose a few, namely fish bak kut teh, prawns bak kut teh, meat ball bak kut teh and so on.




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