Swee Kang Hokkien Mee

16 03 2008

Nothing beats on a lazy Sunday morning than to stroll along the popular streets of Penang and to try out Penang famous dish – “Hokkien mee”. Arguably Penang most favored dish, Hokkien mee or “Prawn noodles” has long been one of the favorites’ among the locals.

There are two version of Hokkien mee in Penang – One is the soup base and the others are the dry type. Ask any Penangites what is their definition of Hokkien mee andyou’ll definitely get the same answer. It’s a blanched “bee hoon” or “mee” and added with crunchy bean sprouts, kangkung, eggs and sliced prawns with meat laid on top.Together with the good aromatic stock made from prawns, onion, chili paste and served with a sprinkling of fragrant “eu chang” – Shallot fritters, it is the perfect blend which made up the delicious Hokkien mee.

The dry version is called “Hokkien char” by the locals and it is made with fat noodles dried with dark soya sauce and eaten with sambal belacan. A slightly different taste but it is just as delicious.In the olden days, Hokkien mee sellers usually push or cycle their stall along the neighborhood “calling out” loud to tell people about their particular dish, but today the location are fixed at either coffee shops or hawker centreThroughout the island, you can find many places selling Hokkien mee. From Teluk Bahang to Jelutong and from Balik Pulau to Air Itam. The famous ones are perhaps located at Pulau Tikus and Perak Road Market. They have halal or non-halal version of Hokkien mee and is served together with additional top up such as chicken feet, spare ribs, intestines and others ingredients.

em.. for me my choice for yummy Hokkien Mee will be a few… is Pulau Tikus Market ( Swee Kang Coffee Shop, Cathay In Pulau Tikus and lastly will be the one in Yee Hong near BJ)



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