Tai Tong Cafe-Dim Sum and …

16 03 2008

Yesterday, dono wat happen to me.. suddenly my mind .. flies in sudden to taste TAI TonG FOOd.. haven been dere for quite sometimes and all of the sudden.. i am thinking to try again…hehe..

wat i grab, of course DIM SUM for sure… and also some yummy local delicious.. food..

DIM SUM- i ordered a few… so i ordered Shark FiN HAH kaU.., Hah Kou, Siew Mai, and some fried prawn.. is yummy…

IMG_1594 IMG_1603IMG_1600 IMG_1597


Other things i ordered.. is fried rice, ” sang Mee” as well as CHar Hor Fan.. does it taste yummy.. is yummy but a bit salty for me..

IMG_1605 IMG_1607

– SanG Mee – – Sar Hor FUn-


– Fried RicE-

Other than that, is the restorant served the .. dim sum by using different method as many now is Self Service,, haha

IMG_1620 IMG_1618

– Old Method StiLL-

The shop picture is as below:






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