Wong Kok Pasteries

16 03 2008

An Egg Tart is a typical fare of Hong Kong cha chaan teng. Hong Kong-style egg tarts have two main varieties, divided according to the type of the outermost layer or crust: Butter Flavoured Shortcrust Pastry & Puff Pastry. The Puff Pastry type has an extremely crisp texture and is regarded as the most traditional and correct form of of egg tart by food critics. Today’s egg tarts come in many variations due to Hongkongers’ eagerness to try almost anything. These include egg white tarts, milk tarts, honey-egg tarts, ginger juice-flavored egg tarts, chocolate tarts and even “birds’ nest” tarts. Besides the egg tart, other pasteries like Pork Tark and other tarts are yummy as well

It has been my favorite ever since i found this Wong KOk.. the Food is not just superb.. and u cant believe that all he pastries sold off very fast not even 7 pm… wau.. i mosli cant find wat i want unless i went earli morning to grab them. Delicious .. yum yum



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