Yu Kee Bah Kut Teh – KK

18 03 2008

It has been a trend of UMS student to makan bak kut teh in KK.. many of us never resist Bak Kut Teh …Have some Bah Kut Teh mosli wif Guan and group and coursemates.

It is famous among tourist that come to Malaysia. Those tourist from Taiwan or Hong Kong would like to buy the ingredient for them to cook it when they are back to their country. Hmmmm why don’t I just export it to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Kekeke. The food there is good, excellent. Price is reasonable. Just sometimes the staff is too busy to serve, but they really got many staff still not enough. But Sabah Bak kut teh is having many flovor..hot, normal.. and others.. and its not searve in a pot like in Penang and it serve in bowl

Funny?? I think so.. when de first time.. i took dem..This shop is at Gaya street around de Sunday Market and nearby to Wisma Merdeka.. de last time i had dem.. is aladi last two years wif Anson as well as Guan, Wai Chuin and Ling Hwei..

hope take dem again.. or buy them back to Pg to cook




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