Revisit: Chef delights Garlic Fish and Black Pepper Chicken

19 03 2008
This western food had been famous to Penang people already.. and I am indulge to it since i am still a kid..i love the yummy western from this shop as well as the fried bananas dere.. as is real delicious. This western is located at SIn Hup Aun.. along Jalan Pasar near the Pulau Tikus Market..


The Uncle usually open its stall at around 12.30 pm -2.30 pm and 6.00-10.30 pm.. em.. is very nice one..This time, I makan black pepper chicken while mum take Garlic Fish..and usually the uncle is very sure that i will add 2 bananas.. as i always did that since i was a kid.. and the price is reasonable .. i Think is RM 7.90 fr the Garlic Fish while RM6.90 or the black pepper chicken


– Garlic Fish Set-


– Black Pepper chicken –


– Fried Bananas-




One response

17 06 2008
david tan

thanks, glad u like my cooking

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