Chilies Fish and chips

20 03 2008

Today had my lunch at Chilies… and i took my little cute cousin to have Chillies as it is his favorites.. Today, we both went and have makan.. and i ordered fish and chips.. while my cousin ordered the kiddies meal.. the kiddies meal is free wif purchase of adults meal.. and wat he have is chicken meal..

Lets see what kiddies have..


– Kiddies Meal-

And me.. having this yummy Fish and Chips.. all fried again.. nice… cause dono wat to eat also.. em,.. don wan eat chicken so ended up wif this lo.. Is a very big portion to help me wif eat.. or not i will be OMG di.. haha.. and I ordered coffee.. as i cant have cold drinks.. haiz.. maybe next time .. i will try others .. but is real heavy lunch..


– Fish and Chips Set-


– Coffee-

And tats wat we have fr the day.. 🙂 .. is yummy .. and the environment is cozy as well.. but a bit oily the food.. em.. service wise is not bad.. maybe there is not much people when I am dere.. and a couple minutes .. wah.. a lot of buzzing in..


– The Outside Environment in Chilies-





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