Red Chopstick Restaurant @ I-Avenue

22 03 2008

Saturday last 2 weeks ago, we tried out this Red Chopstick Restaurant at I Avenue for lunch. So, i have de chance to blog them.. after he send me de pic of food i took wif his new Nokia handphone… haiz..

The shop sells all sorts of food, well to be exact, they have varieties from fried rice to steam rice to Roti Jala to Satay Kajang to Pan Mee to Nasi Lemak to western to Assam Laksa and the list goes on. Dessert on the other hand the same. They have chendol to leng chi kang to bo bo cha cha to that sticky icky glutinous rice balls to bee ko moi to thai dessert, to all sorts of other shaved ice desserts. It’s abit hard to decide what to eat here.

Well anyways, I was in a nasi lemak mood so ordered myself Nasi Lemak with rendang chicken. Serving portions was reasonable for the price of RM 8.90. Had a piece of rendang chicken, a slice of otak otak (this was good), acar, half egg, sambal and peanuts.

My fren had sweet sour fish rice with an egg. Portion was way small for him. It didn’t look interesting for me and true enough it was so so for him. Maybe.. he don like eat as well.. he says.. ” ok la..”

I am quite temptating on the name..Millionaire Pancake… so I ordered them.. but i din eat much as well.. and could not finish dem..

Overall de food is just OK.. not really satisfying me.. as well… haiz




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