Thai Fish Set @ Siam Express

22 03 2008

Today afternoon… em.. wats de mood like.. I met frens from CPT, Irene as well as faz today. It has been a long time I din saw Faz.. and is nice to meet up as well. So, as I din really have my lunch today.. ended up in Siam Express.. actually thinking fr makan at other places.. but being attracted by the banner..


– The Banner outside Siam Express-

The service is good.. and nice.. besides that, I love the environment dere.. very nice for chatting and is wonderful place.. out of all.. I really love the place.. as I was the onli one to eat.. so I ordered some makan to share as well..

IMG_2043 IMG_2027

– The Interior Look-

I was pretty atttracted on the grills .. of the restorant.. i would take them as a rememberance as well.. haha.. the grill pattern is nice..


– The Grill-

Wat I eat… em.. not much.. I ordered the Fish Rice set as well as the money bag and a bowl of the Thai style dessert


– Thai Fish Rice-

It is nice de taste.. but I don like dem.. cause of the fish.. i don like durry fish.. haiz.. so it turn out i din take much..


– Money Bag-


– The Thai Dessert-


– Ice Lemon Tea-

Er… how much fr ok la.. RM27.50 for the full set wif all this yummy food. Overall the food is great.. except fr the fish.. The service was good as well





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