Yummy Dim Sum @ Abu Siti Lane

23 03 2008

Early morning today, we take dim sum.. it has been quite a while not taking yummy dim sum.. and today my dad suggested to have de dim sum at Abu Siti Lane behind the RED ROCK Hotel.. is a kind of take yourself..so we had not much.. as I cant take much during morning.. so I din take a lot today.


– See how many buzzing and makan Dim sum dere-

Is really a lot of people makan dim sum dere.. as it is not really expensive and it is nice.. So, we went today to try them.. and eat not much.. So, lets see.. what are there in de restorant..Too many people unable to take many pictures..on the food .. so is just i can take some of it..

IMG_2049 IMG_2048


– Different types of Dim Sum-

Lets see.. wat my dad take and ordered.. we din ordered much.. so we have the crab meat siu mai, HK Prawn chee cheong fun, Ha Kau and more.. and there are also many more like Shark Fin soup and Egg Tart..

IMG_2050 IMG_2051

IMG_2052 IMG_2053

IMG_2056 IMG_2057

IMG_2061 IMG_2055

– The yummy food of the day-

Overall the food is great as it is not all consist of pork and the taste is also ICHIBAN.. I jus don really like de shark fin soup.. as it doen’t taste yummy at all.. I jus love all de yummy dim sum.. :P.. Try them.. Its open daily in the morning fr de dim sum.. and is usually pack during weekends.. There goes de map..




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