Hoe Hock Tien Tang Yuan @ Jalan Magazine, Penang

24 03 2008
On my way to my frens place, I passed by Komtar. There we stopped by the Jalan Magazine to taste the Hoe Hock Tien Tang Yuan. This little stall situated right opposite of the Shangri La Hotel.
There are 2 types of Tang Yuen. One is the normal ginger soup and the other is the brown sugar based soup. While the tang yuen, there are 2 types as well. They are the normal, small sized tang yuen and the other is the larger version with either peanut filling or black sesame filling. Each bowl of the Tang Yuen sour cost RM3. This is recommended for all Tang Yuen lover and those who exceptionally superb for ginger lover!

– Normal ginger soup based tang yuen-


– brown sugar soup tang yuen


Personally, I liked the the smaller tang yuen for its texture. Very gummy…the larger is ok only. I think that the filling is rather little. It will surely be better if the owner can be kind with the filling. However if you are to compare this with the frozen readymade Tang Yuen that is available in the major supermarket, then I think this is better for its sweetness is just right.




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