Cameron Highlands- Roti Canai Strawberry

25 03 2008

This is de last meal i eat in Cameron de last time up de highlands wif my colleggue on a company trip.. As all of us know.. Cameron is famous wif strawberries.. as it is not a suprising things that makan roti canai also is wif strawberry.. This is de Roti Canai Strawberry that I had taken.. first time in my life.. and the taste is yummy … onli difference is jus puting Roti Canai add in some strawberry jam.. and slices of strawberries inside.. I had forgotten the coffee shop di.. but i think most of the coffee shop around dere

Picture 297

– Roti Canai Strawberry-





2 responses

25 03 2008

Huh? Strawberry Roti Canai? Never taste it before? Rather weird as strawberry is sweet and sour….never associate roti canai been sour and sweet! ;p

25 03 2008
StrawberrY woRLD

em.. is sweet more than sour .. maybe they put too much jam to cover the sour of the strawberries 😛

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