Durian Crazy Is Back!!

26 03 2008

Is durian crazy time again.. Now u can start to find many durians in Penang..A selection of branded durians in a plantation in Balik Pulau, the durian centre of Penang Durians of Balik PulauIn Penang, Malaysia, the best place to get good durians is in the town of Balik Pulau, on the southwest corner of Penang Island. Balik Pulau is a 30 minute drive over the main range and has a lot of durian estates.
The following is a selection of branded durians

-D11 “Number Eleven” is a very popular durian in the 70’s. It has creamy yellow flesh with a pleasant taste and a subtle smell.
-D604 The D604 was first cultivated by the late Mr. Teh Hew Hong of Sungai Pinang, Balik Pulau. The flesh is quite sweet, and has some “body” to it as the seed is small.
-D600 This durian originates in Sungai Pinang in Balik Pulau. The flesh has a bittersweet taste to it, with a touch of sourness.
-D700The flesh is darker than D600, like chrome yellow. Also slightly hard. Crispy, but the smell is not very strong.
-Ang Sim (Red Heart) Ang Sim is a durian with flesh which is quite soft and very sweet, and dark yellow in colour. It also has a nice aroma.
-Khun Poh This durian takes the name of the late Mr Lau Khun Poh, who first budded it. Khun Poh has beautiful orangy flesh with a slightly bitter-sweet taste and a heavy aroma.
-Hor Loh (Water Gourd Durian) The flesh of the Hor Loh is very soft, dry and quite bitter. It has a sharp smell to it. Hor Loh was first cultivated at the Brown Estate of Sungai Ara. It got its name from its appearance resembling a “Hor Lor” pumpkin. If the durian hits the ground hard when it falls, the flesh tends to be bitter thereafter.
-Ang Heh (Red Prawn Durian)Ang Heh originates from Pondok Upeh, Balik Pulau, and has a round-shaped husk. The orange reddish flesh is highly aromatic, very soft with a bitter-sweet taste.
-Xiao Hung (Little Red Durian) Xiao Hung, whose name means “Little Red One,” originates in Sungai Pinang, Balik Pulau. The flesh has a bittersweet taste to it, with a touch of sourness. There are only one or two seeds per section, but the flesh is thick.
-Yah Kang (Centipede Durian)Although its flesh is whitish, the taste is superb, milky, like very sweet, melting chocolate. The name “yah kang” means centipede, and accounts for the number of centipedes found at the foot of the tree, hence giving it the rather unusual name.
-Bak Eu (Pork Fat Durian) Bak Eu has a slightly acidic aroma. The flesh is whitish while the taste is quite bitter but nice.
-D17 is dark cream flesh. The taste is slightly dry but sweet. It is a tasty durian.
Coupling This durian gets its unusual name because it looks like two durians joined together, one big and one small. When split open, you almost thought the two halves belong to two different durians. Coupling has whitish flesh which is slightly dry but tastes good.
-Ooi Kyau (Tumeric Durian)The name Ooi Kyau (tumeric) describes the colour of the bright yellow flesh of this durian. It is very sweet and tasty.
-Chaer Phoy (Green Skin Durian) Chaer Phoy is shaped like a small canteloupe. The skin is bright green, giving it the name which means “green skin”. Chaer Phoy has creamy white flesh which is a bit dry, not too sweet but tasty.
-Ang Jin (Red Yoke Durian)As the name suggests, Ang Jin Durian has deep orange flesh. It is very sweet and tasty.
-Lin Fong Jiau This durian is named after Lin Fong Jiau, aka Mrs Jackie Chan. One wonders whether it is indicative of the relationship of the celebrity couple, for Lin Fong Jiau is a bittersweet.




2 responses

26 03 2008
Greg Wee

I didn’t know you can actually write a dictionary on Durian definition alone!

27 03 2008

Ehhh i didnt know durian season is back! Anyway i am a big fan on durians too …. however i hate opening them

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