Super Noodle House @ Sg Wang, KL:

31 03 2008

Was in Sg Wang today and spoted a restorant in front of sungai wang.. is a chinese restorant .. food is not bad but price is a bit expensive.. we had our lunch we arein hurry to go to Summit USJ.. Had my lunch dere..


– The Menu-

I ordered Wanton Soup while Anna other Duck meat noodles.. The shop is Super Noodle house where de specialities are mainly noodles.. The noodles are different from Penang Wan Ton mee.. as teh noodles are tiny as well as more..hard to bite.. can say like ar.. dono le.. but is something like dat kua.

Price is a a quite reasonable.. and food is not bad except fr de dessert.. the taste is a bit weird. So, i don much recomend on them.. hmmmmmm… Let see wat i ordered.


– The Duck Wan Tan Mee-

RM7.90 for the Duck Mee.. is it consider expensive.. for me is real big portion on this wan tan mee.. and the taste is not realli nice..


– The Wantan Mee-

This wantan mee is also very big portion and de wan tan taste very nice. Price is RM 8.. hmm.. expensive rite? i think so as well..


– Mango Pudding-

This one .. de mango pudding.. not recomended.. the taste in kinda weird and not nice at all.. not worth it .. RM 4.50 per bowl.


Price: a bit expensive

Environment: Not too friendly the waiter

Food: 3/5





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