30 04 2008


Black coffee is one of the famous drinks in Penang.. everywhere u go u can order coffee.. anytime and any where.. nice and yummy..
This is where this coffee is mainly called “KOPI-O” in dere. In this, it just added coffee and sugar.. while if u a wan called them is ” KOPI-O PENG” which is with ice.


Makan makan @ Medan Bayan

30 04 2008


Another place for makan for people in Relau and bayan Lepas. This one is just opposite PISA. Is a food court. If u wan makan dere.. em.. i Suggest 7.00 pm la.. so u can find food dere.. or not u won get anything jus a few stall available dere. It is mainly open for night business and morning is dim sum.. Not recomended dim sum.. yucks.. i taste once.. and is a thumb down.. no more.

The night food is not bad.. some are expensive some are not. My mum ordered sweet and sour fish which is very sour. .. 😛 Quite nice…and it is quite cheap.. RM4.50 😛


– Sweet & Sour Fish-

You also can find some delicious fried seafood taufu and fried seafood roll. Is real real nice and delicious as well as is quite cheap RM 2 for each so is RM 4 fr both


I also ordered this one, fries ice cream.. which is one of my favorite.. i love ice creams but the ice creams not tasting very nice.. not recomended..


– Fried Ice Cream-


– Sate-

This is the most expensive sate I had ever taste.. RM0.80/ cucuk.. Memang expensive le.. haha.. taste also not really nice.. hehe.. Overall… not bad

Taste: 3/5


Forrero Rocher

30 04 2008


Is this everyone favorite?? hehe.. is mine too .. i had love this chocolate for a long time and never refuse them.. and last time they used to have white chocolate as well and it also taste quite nice.. but i still prefer the original.

What so nice about this chocolate? Pack in gold?? hehe.. its because it has crunchy nuts dere and the chocolate very pure and nice.. as well as peanuts sprinkle on the chocolate that the most important thing

YUMMY!!!.. is all gals favorite.. i think so and guys too? Isn’t it?

Price: RM 18.90 ( 16 pieces); RM 32.90 ( 30 Pieces)

Kerabu Bihun @ Bee Hooi Coffeeshop, Pulau Tikus, Penang

30 04 2008


– Kerabu Bihun-

Kerabu Bihun is also my favorite .. and I love them cause it is hot and a bit of soury.. so thats the reason I love them.. The one i love is the one is Bee Hooi Coffeshop in the morning where this old aunty is famous for the Kearbu Bihun..and is only RM 1.00- RM 1.50 for a plate of them.

Wat is de best of its Kerabu Bihun..is because of its spicy not too much and the taste is soury which is my favorite.. other than that, they put a lot of onions that i am loving it .. thats make me love de Aunty Kerabu Bihun. Other than that, she added somekinds of small prawns grinded on to it and make it taste even nicer.

Try dem.. and tell em how it’s taste?

Place: Bee Hooi Coffeshop @ morning – Pulau Tikus opposite Belisa Row
Price: RM 1.00-1.50
Taste: 4/5

Buah Tarap

29 04 2008

Buah Tarap is one of the famous fruit in Kota kinabalu where this fruit has a strong scent. The fruit is delicious, soft flavoured and can be appreciated from the first bite. The fruit is considered superior in flavour to both Jackfruit and Cempedak.

The appearance of the fruit can be regarded as an intermediate shape between the jackfruit and the breadfruit. The fruit is round to oblong, 15-20 cm long and 13 cm broad, and weighing about 1 kg. The thick rind is covered with soft, broad spines. They become hard and brittle as the fruit matures. The fruit does not fall to the ground when ripe. It may be harvested while still hard, and left to ripen until soft. Marangs change colour to greenish yellow when ripe. The ripe fruit is opened by cutting the rind around. Twisting and gently pulling the halves complete the operation. The interior of the fruit is somewhat similar to the jackfruit’s, but the colour is whitish. The core is relatively large, but there are fewer “rags” and less non-edible parts. Arils are white and the size of a grape, each containing a 15 × 8 mm seed. Once opened, the marang should be consumed quickly (in a few hours), as it loses flavour rapidly and fruit oxidises. The seeds are also edible after boiling or roasting.

French Toast and Bacon Mee Soup @ Kim Gary, Gurney Plaza, Penang

29 04 2008

At last i found something that is Kim Gary.. able to sit and makan.. haha.. cause i always long q.. then i will jus ta pau back .. but Kim Gary today not pack so I can sit down and enjoy .. As usual wat i always ordered there is my favorite French Toast which is RM 4.90 and we today ordered bacon soup mee that is RM 7.90.. with two cups of nai cha.. hehe.. Thats our favorite..


– My French Toast-

Thats a mus in Kim Gary and its my favorite where this french toast add in wif honey pour over the bread and inside have peanut butter and butter kua.. and then toast it.. and den.. have butter up dere fr u to have them wif the bread.. DElicious when u munch them when it is served hot.. 🙂 A must in Kim Gary and most recomended


– Bacon Soup Mee-

And wat I ordered is also this becon soup mee… share wif XY.. and this one taste so so.. Maybe the portion is too big.. thats why the more u have eat teh more scary it is .. Futher more, the mee will be taste yucks.. when taking too much.. but the pork bacon is nice.. haha.. 😛 Not recomended so much la this one from Kim Gary

Price: RM 18 wif 2 drinks included

Taste: 3/5

Environment : 4/5


Belacan Mango Rice N Green Bean Dessert @ RED BOX Gurney Plaza, Penang

29 04 2008

Last Saturday, went to Red Box wif XY and start to have Nicholas Teo crazy.. haha.. eve since back from concert in KL,Nicholas song had been start repeating playing in my head and have been crazy wif his song.. bought his new album.. and went REd Box to see.. wat song we can sing. NICHOLAS SONG.. haha

Wat I eat.. em..today not real nice.. all was ok onli.. the rice is cold.. and i don like de dessert.. Green bean .. yucks hate green bean 1.. so i din take the dessert and I ordered the Belacan Mango Rice.. and is cold.. haiz.. but wat u expect u jus pay RM 15 t enjoy fr 2 hours singing .. and wif a set of food includes a rice, a desserts and a cup of drinks


The Mango Belacan fried rice-

Not nice @ all.. me complete half and XY jus ate a bits of it only.. so wat u think le?? Haiz.. and also de desserts, we din touch at all.. i saw it was green bean.. and i hate grean bean.. so din took dem..


Green Bean Desserts-

Food TASTE: 1/5

Environment : 4/5

Service: 4/5

Price: RM 15 per person