Kampachi Restorant @ Pavillion , Kuala Lumpur

1 04 2008
– The inside View-
It was my second time to Pavillion and i was thinking to have something japansese and my fren wif the brouchure of Pavillion suggest the place where we can enjoy a nice yummy Japanese meal besides Sushi King.. so ended up in Kampachi

Wat i Ordered…Ishikari Udon, with its udon noodles cooked with salmon fish and vegetables in miso broth. The broth was sweet and lovable. With the right amount of desired taste, dear mommy hearts it. Priced at RM25.And I love the taste of it.. is extremely yummy .. a word of description.. haha

-Ishikari Udon-

Other than that, i was temptating of haven desserts and something special.. where i saw people ordering due to the look of it.. so i ordered their Green Tea Ice Cream, served aside with the overwhelming red beans, and adorned with strawberries plus a creamed cookie! An exquisite preparation priced at RM16.

– Green Tea Ice Cream –

Though it tasted marvelous, we still find it overpriced. Without the red beans, it’ll be RM12. An addition of red beans costs RM4! But.. I love having green tea ice cream with red beans unquestionably. Plus… it’s only 1 scoop ;(


Another must have when we’re in Kampachi, their Mochi! The Glutinous Rice pieces were showered with open-handed amount of peanut flakes and this sweet sensation did not went over the top. RM12 for this portion with embellishment of strawberries. Pretty

Location: KampachiLot 6.09.00,
Level 6Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03-21489608
Fax: 03-21482608
Price: expensive
Taste 4/5



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