Big Apple Donuts @ Subang Parade

2 04 2008

Big apple is in town!! Where? Subang Parade of course.Last Saturday, i went to Subang Parade wif my frens and to my surprise there was the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee shop. It was located at the central part of Subang Parade just beside the atm machine and Tropicana Life. LG20L to be exact.


The irony was on that particular day i was craving to have a bite of Big Apple donuts as my KL frens kept saying it tastes great and i should really try it. Believe me it is still new and it just opened early february this year. Remembering what my colleagues just said so i went there and started queuing. The queue was rather long and i said to myself that this better be worth it.


Luckily the service was fast and when it reached my turn i asked for a box of 6 pieces, it costs me RM 9.50. There was a variety of donuts to pick from and it all looked delicious. I made my pick which was : Californian Almond, Choreo, Chocoholic, Green Teaser, Kimochi and Whitnut. There was also the Predator donut that day and its probably for a limited time only(it was not on the menu).. but is a pity they don have my fav flovors that is peppermint 🙂 .

After tasting the donuts myself, i must say that it is a MUST try for all the donut lovers out there!!. But for me, I still love JCo.. maybe they have all my taste dere.. keke




4 responses

3 04 2008
"Joe" who is constantly craving

hmmm i think i prefer j&co too..but the queue is super if giving out free donuts like tat..

3 04 2008
Lyna Wan

j&co donuts are fluffy and yummy but the queue just turn down my crave

6 04 2008
StrawberrY woRLD

haha.. ya.. is reallt q a long long long q.. be earli when u buy.. 😛

17 04 2008

yup.. everytime.. i need to q tii long.. can get crazy

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