Easy Way- Yummy Lemon Magic Jelly and HoneyDew Pearl Tea @ Tmn. Kingfisher, Sabah

6 04 2008

It has been a long long time i desire a nice magic lemon jelly juice and it has been 2 years din taste them. back to Sabah.. and i at last have to go for it.. hehe. Where I had tat.. at Kingfisher my usual place..fr 3 years

– The drinks and food choices-

It had given me a lot of memories … during my 3 years in UMS. The place we chated.. the things we had together, the place we share our thoughts and all.. it give me lots of memories as well as the place we studies together… Carolynn, Siew Leng, Koh,Chun, Michael, Anson and more…

Talking on the food.. is real nice.. the juice is real nice.. and you can add various of different types of jellies, pearls and more.. up to u.. and there are different choices of flavor to choose… some nice one is the pure pearl tea as well as honey dew pearl tea.. one of my favorites includes lemon magic jelly because it is sour and able to awake u when u r too sleepy. One word.. nice and yummy

– Lemon Magic Jelly Juice-

Honey Dew Pearl Tea-

Price- RM 2.00- RM 3.00 fr drinks. ( reasonable)

Taste- 4/5

Environment – 3/5

Service- 4/5





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