Seafood Restorant @Beverly Hills, KK

7 04 2008

Is a place being recomended and brought by Guan and frens dere. I haven been dere before and they drive me dere.. Don ask me how to go.. perhaps.. i will ask dem the way out.. dere… haiz.. poor me

– The Shop-

We reached them makan makan.. Saw many people dere.. should be famous duh! em.. let see wat we ordered.. Prawns is one of the choice 1 kg, em.. seafood.. and more.. Let me tell u more..

– The Sauce-


– Me and Ban Hock-


– Usual drink in KK: Chinese Tea Ice-

Food 1: Steamed Prawns recomended by Guan.. he says is nice .. yummy though the prawns is fresh and a bit of liquor smell.. i think they dip the prawn into some kind of liquor before steam .. is real nice.. is fresh de most important things in seafood.

– Steam Prawn-

Food 2: Sah Poh Tau Fu ( CLaypot Taufu) recomended by Ban Hock.. its yummy and de taste of the claypot tau hu is nice.. but the claypot really jus tau fu.. not like penang have other choices of seafood.. the tauhu is added wif some mushrooms and other vege

– Claypot Tau Fu-

Food 3: Mussles cook wif yong zhung. Is my sis favorite. It is nice and fresh and the mussles is big big one .. yummy..

Mussles cook wif yong zhung-

Food 4: Nyonya Fish.. the fish is not really nice.. have a bit of sea smell.. i love the sauce is real nice and yummy.. is ok.. overall.. yummy as well

– Nyonya Fish-

Food 5: Hot Crab..:- Very nice de crab.. and de spices is real good.. very tasty.. overall the crab is fresh as well.. cause u can see de flash is real fresh and de taste is absulute yummy.

– Hot Crab-

Group picture at last…

– Group Picture-

Price : RM 125 wif 7 bowls of rice and 6 chinese tea refillable

Environment: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 3/5




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