Juice UP @ Warisan Square, KK, Sabah

8 04 2008

Juice Up at Warisan Square in Kota Kinabalu is a local juice bar, similar in concept to Juice Works, which is popular in Kuala Lumpur.

Juice Up is difficult to miss where it sits underneath the escalator in the mall area of Warisan Square, surrounded by bright red strawberries plastered on the escalator overhead, and the vivid greens, orange, yellow and reds from the fruits lining the fridges.

– The Menu-

– The Store-

With a line-up of pure juices, juices mixed with low fat milk, juices mixed with sorbet or smoothies, Juice Up caters to the on-the-go crowd who wants a pick-me up, but are looking for an alternative to coffee. A range of speciality mixes can either boost your appetite, encourage weight loss, provide an energy boost or calm you down. It seems there is a combination of fruit to suit every mood.

Prices start from around RM5.80 for juice mixes and go upwards to RM7.90 for elaborate concoctions, which feature skimmed milk, honey, sorbet or sometimes all of the above. Portions are reasonable and are served to go, but feel free to linger by the juice-bar in the colourful surroundings.

When you’re up, or down, feeling bloated or hungry, to soothe your mood and replenish your reserves, drop by for a squeeze of fruit at Juice Up in Warisan Square.

Drink 1: Mango + Soursoap.. em.. when u first taste them is not really nice.. but if u sips dem a few time u felt that the taste is real nice and incredible.. yummy.. RM6.90 as well the taste is nice.. Worth it

– Soursoup + Mango Juice-

Drink 2: Avagadro Choc.. Is totally not nice.. Maybe is because of the choc.. is so bitter and i could not finish dem… even though i am a big fans of Avagadro.. Gosh.. RM 6.90 for that.. em.. wat a waste

– Avagadro Choc –

Place: Warisan Square below the escalator opposite sox

Taste: 2/5

Price: Expensive

Service: 3/5




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