King Hu Restaurant @ Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

9 04 2008

For dinner, we went to King Hu Restaurant, which is famous for Beijing Duck! A plate of duck, few popiah skins, sauces, and daun bawang. Put them altogether onto the popiah skin… and you will get Beijing Duck!

– The Beijing Duck-

-The Popiah Skin-

– The Duck wif the Popiah Skin wif the sauce-

This is wat you add them together when u eat wif the Beijing Duck.. The shop is around the Tanjung Aru.

– Ostrich fried chilies-

Recomended by frens this is nice as well, and de taste of theostrich is similar like taking pork.. but i din take much.. it is also the signature dish of the shop.. it seems many people ordered them as well .. hmmm..

– Cold Pork-

Is also de famous dish .. comes wif the soup.. de’ pork is cold one.. and u need to dip dem into the soup.. but we din do that.. cause de soup taste is kinda weird.. so we jus take de pork jus like dat.. is nice..

– Taufu cook wif Chilies-
Recomended by frens this is nice as well, and de taste is incredible ichiBAN.. is taufu .. but never called Japanese Taufu.. cause de taste is weird.. The local one is nice.. not the japanese one.. everyone says dat..

– Fried Long Beans-

I din really take much of long beans.. the taste is ok and a bit too much ajinamoto.. so for me .. i don really take much. Overall, the food taste is ok.. but we is out one thing de mantou… cause is sold out.. thats de speciality of de restorant

Price: ABout RM 150 for 9 people

Food Taste: 4/5

Service: 2/5

Environment: 2/5





2 responses

10 04 2008
Deana E

where is the location. i never know i can find cold pork in kk

10 04 2008
StrawberrY woRLD

em.. i know is located at Tanjing Aru.. my fren bring me dere.. is some where on de way to de KK Airport

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