Drinks in Asmosfere@ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

11 04 2008

Asmosphere is nice .. a place for people to get a good view on the whole Sabah..nice view and nice place to drink and eat.. but a bit expensive. It is a rotating restorant at Yayasan Sabah.. can consider the tallest building in Kota Kinabalu kua.. But is real nice environment dere..

One of it, is de nice view.. a nice scenary and more.. wat i love also.. a lot of things to see and nice furnitures… very colorful but expensive.. cant afford everytime.. keke .. Let us see the nice view inside.. the restorant

– The Restorant Inside View-

Wat I ordered…

1. Latte.. – a special awaking latter come with garlic bread.. is totally awaking according to Darrel when he tasted them…

– Awaking Latte-

2. Lime Juice- Thats wat i ordered.. and is purely lime.. very sour.. they come wif a cup of sugar where u can pour dem according to ur needs and wants.. is yummy and nice..

– Lime Juice-

3. Asmosphere Special- tats wat my sis ordered.. is a blended drinks wif fruits.. and i can taste banana taste there.. pretty weird.. but the taste is quite special.

Overall the bill for 3 drinks is bout RM 40.. expensive rite??

i think so.. once a while ok la

Taste: 4/5

Environment: 5/5

Service: 4/5




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