Ka Sau Sabah Pan Mee@ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

11 04 2008

Is a must.. must have.. in KK … since you are in Sabah… wats tat, it is Sabah Pan Mee.. there is a must yummy yummy one.. One of the famous one is Ka Sau Pan Mee along Gaya Street. Very nice.. and very yummy

– The Coffee Shop-

The mee is always searved wif usual lime and chilly padi.. and it is real nice when u have them in them..

– Lime and Chilly-

My sis ordered this one.. Is wat tan hor.. my sis says is not that nice and a bit starchy.. but is still nice.. It comes wif prawns and egg.. and de taste is a bit starchy as well.. RM 6.00 .. Is a bit expensive due to a lot of prawns and seafood.

-Wat Tan Ho-

This is de yummy yummy one.. haha.. the Sabah Pan Mee… and it has dried and soup. So, i ordered the soup one.. Other than that, they also include fish balls, pork balls, ikan bilis and all..The Sabah Pan Mee is really supperb and yummy. I love it very much.. and become a must when i am dere..

– Sabah Pan Mee-

Taste: 4/5

ENvironment : 2/5





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