Jade Palace Restorant @ Taman Pekaka, Penang

12 04 2008
Having dinner wif daddy and mummy and Aunty See.. at the Jada Palace Restorant today… there is a lot of things to eat. And also yummy… teh price is reasonable. The place is at Sea Palace Restaurant in Taman Pekaka. Daddy say wanna have fish steamboat.. is real yummy..



– The Restorant-

Wat we ordered?? We ordered 3 dishes which are

1. Jelly Fish Kerabu ( RM 12.90) – is very nice and very yummy. It is very nice and very special where in this there are jelly fish as well adding in some mango and mango sauce in it. The taste is incredibly nice .. and the taste is very nice. 😛 I love it and is a must for me …now everytime we have them.



– Jelly Fish Kerabu-

2. Emperor Mee- tats wat my mom orders.. is really nice.. and have lots of prawns inside.. and the taste is special.. other than that, the mee is not normal yellow mee.. or maggi mee.. but the taste and choices of it is real nice.. because it wasn’t oily and it’s appetizing.


– Emperor Mee-

3. Fish Steamboat- Fish steamboat is another nice choice of food.. and is my dad’s favorite.. This is very special.. and the steamboat is yummy.. in this there have two choices of food… one is fried fish as well as normal fish.. keke..





– The Fish Steamboat-

Overall the taste is nice and yummy … and also the service is also nice and great.. yummy..

Price: RM82.90

Taste: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Environment: 4/5




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