New BT food Court near Jetty, Penang

20 04 2008


Another New Place for my dinner. It is along the Jetty place after Shell. And turn to your right. You can see dem as the shop is just at the corner.

I am not that hungry as i had eat some pop corns and Sushi wif Chun in Queensbay. 😛 So wat i ordered for my Drinks. Is so long haven taken ambella sui phueh…is a combination of ambella as well as sui phui and de taste is realli nice .. cause both of it is a nice stuff to eat and is one of the famous drinks in penang.



– Ambella Sui Phuaeh-

What I ordered.. since i am not really hungry, i ordered Kapar .. is a type of seashell. Wat is so nice is the sea shell is fresh as well as one most important wif the Kam Heong flovour u will taste the the spicy of the sea shell and the taste is ichiban. Price is RM 10 Per plate


– Sea shell wif Kam Heung-

We also ordered another is Seafood Curry where there are combination of prawns, fish and sea shells. the curry is indeed very spicy. The price is RM 13


– Curry SeaFood-

Mummy also ordered hawkers special that is ” Chee Cheong Fun” but is seems not that attractive… mum say is not bad..


– Chee Cheong Fun-

Food: 4/5

Environment : 3/5




4 responses

20 04 2008

Dear Pamela, interesting blog. More interestingly I also blog about Food in Penang, at makan2food
Ok all the best.

21 04 2008

Thanks for the visit…made me hungry with all the food here. Nice blog as well…

21 04 2008

looks yummy food. Hope to taste them someday.

21 04 2008

Wow… that food looks yummy…. nice , i like your blog

(^_^) Etavasi

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