Belacan Mango Rice N Green Bean Dessert @ RED BOX Gurney Plaza, Penang

29 04 2008

Last Saturday, went to Red Box wif XY and start to have Nicholas Teo crazy.. haha.. eve since back from concert in KL,Nicholas song had been start repeating playing in my head and have been crazy wif his song.. bought his new album.. and went REd Box to see.. wat song we can sing. NICHOLAS SONG.. haha

Wat I eat.. not real nice.. all was ok onli.. the rice is cold.. and i don like de dessert.. Green bean .. yucks hate green bean 1.. so i din take the dessert and I ordered the Belacan Mango Rice.. and is cold.. haiz.. but wat u expect u jus pay RM 15 t enjoy fr 2 hours singing .. and wif a set of food includes a rice, a desserts and a cup of drinks


The Mango Belacan fried rice-

Not nice @ all.. me complete half and XY jus ate a bits of it only.. so wat u think le?? Haiz.. and also de desserts, we din touch at all.. i saw it was green bean.. and i hate grean bean.. so din took dem..


Green Bean Desserts-

Food TASTE: 1/5

Environment : 4/5

Service: 4/5

Price: RM 15 per person




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