Siang Hai Dim SUm Oriental Seafood

28 05 2008

This place is called Siang Hai situated at Abu Siti Lane.. and it is famous for its morning dim sum.. and while im the evening.. there also have dim sum as well as seafood in the afternoon.

There are many yummy food dere.. and u can get dim sum as well.. so can have seafood and dim sum as well.

– Dim SUm In Afternoon-

The dim sum is nice in the morning.. but in the afternoon is not that nice.. maybe is not fresh di.. cause it is left over from morning kua.. thats what i think … and this might be de reason.. cause there are not much varieties..

We ordered some” chu char” dere.. First come de ” Sah Poh Taufu” very nice.. and they have many ingrideients inside like mushroom, taufu and more.. the taste is not bad..rate is as 4/5

This is another is.. sayur goreng ” fried vege ” .. not bad.. for me.. i think is ok ..cause fr me .. i don really like vege.. so is not bad..

Another is kerabu chicken.. it is very nice.. but a bit spicy.. very nice and yummy.. Yummy.. and there are many chilly paddy.. ichiban.. i love the nice.. and yummy.. ichiban

Lastly is this one, oat prawn.. thats the nicest over all.. i can seldom find this in the stall.. and it is fresh and nice.. other than that, 6 prawns le.. big big one.. and nice and yummy.. u can taste the oat taste as well having nice nice yummy yummy ..hehe.. the presentation is nice too.. very nice.

Taste: 4/5 fr the seafood , dim sum @ nite is 1/5

Service: 1/5- de aunty seems like not willing to serve..

Price: RM 60..


New Cathay.. Hawkers delights

26 05 2008

Food again.. and this time is at the yummy place of makan at where at … New Cathay at Pulau Tikus.. wat i ordered.. is chicken rice. Not bad the taste and is worst.. and it is roast chicken.. the steam one.. finish de.. so no choice get the roast one. the taste is nice and the chicken is very nice to.. but the rice.. i think because it is jus cook.. not that nice.. a bit to starchy.. Overall is nice la.. since the chicken is nice and the chilies is ichiban.. hehe

Mum ordered this one.. is hor fan wantan.. wat she thinks.. the hor fan is soft but the wan tan is not at nice at last time.. It is say this stall wantan is make of little pork and a lot of fresh prawns but now no more.. hardly u can find prawns inside.. Thats because things price incereased.. no choice.. need to ” sook sui” a bit.. i tell mum..

Dad ordered this one.. Hokkien Mee.. where this stall had a been selling in many places and is quite famous.. it is claimed that this stall had sell in Singapore before..The taste is quite nice.. i tried a bit.. not bad..

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 2.70 fr each of the food

Place: New Cathay, Pulau Tikus, Penang. opposite.. Belissa Row

Curry Mee, Chicken Rice @ Man Wah, Greenlane

24 05 2008

Cari makan again.. is kinda a few days ago.. when on the way back home.. thinking of makan, and we went to this coffee shop (MAN WAH) behind Genting coffeeshop along Lorong Delima 11. This place is mosly pack wif people at about 6-7 pm at night.. and that day.. mum and dad was thinking to taste some food there..

Mum ordered Chicken rice and she told me the chicken rice is superb and i ordered one to.. not the rice.. but just the chicken.. The chicken is real nice and when u taste it, the chicken is well steamed at the right tempreature.. ichiban.. as well it is extremly delicious.. Ichiban.. Price is RM 3.50

Dad ordered curry mee.. it don look nice.. but dad says is ok.. but not worth it.. cause is expensive RM4. .. fr a big bowl.. with just a shrimp, and also a fishball and some seashells.. is expensive in Penang.. but taste wise.. is ok only.. i tasted a bite of it.. fr me i think the taste is ok.. coz i still love Air Itam Curry Mee.. haha

Curry Mee- 3/5; Chicken: 4/5
Price: RM4 Fr curry Mee and Chicken is RM 3.50

The place in Black dot

Kim Shan coffeeshop, Fried Vege and Kam Heung Kapar in Relau, Penang

24 05 2008

Makan again.. We ate… chu char @ Kim Shan coffeeshop again.. Thats my family favorite location fr food.. in Kim Shan, Maybe .. is because is nearby my hse and the price is reasonable.. thats the reason we go dere.. always.. wat we ordered.. not many dishes.. but two only cause only 2 people makan..

Wat we ordered, fried vege with garlics. This is consider healthy… the taste is vey nice as well.. it well cooked..and the vege is fresh

Next, my favorite.. Kam Hiong Kapar.. that my favorite food of so many many food… i love them cause is spicy … and with the smell of Indian leaves that’s superb taste.. nice and yummy..

Overall, the food is nice.. and i am very very full.. haha
Price: RM8 fr the kapar and the vege is RM 5
Taste: 5/5
Where: it is just nearby Medan Bayan Foodcourt… along Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim

Sah Poh Fan @ Food Court, Queensbay Mall

24 05 2008

Queensbay Mall as usual like other big malls is having big makan makan place.. de food court.. where u can find many local delicious food dere..but for me.. the food dere is not that nice as i expected it should be.. and is bit expensive.. but dono why so many ppl eat there.. Is my second time to food court.. as i seldom eat in food court @ Qbay Mall … haiz..

This one I ordered.. RM 6 fr a Sa Poh Fan .. and de ingredient is jus a little only.. futhermore.. the taste.. er.. not really nice.. a bit like overcook.. not nice.. not recomended.. This is one of the food i taste is not really nice.. Yucks.. no more.. not recomended

Taste: 1/5
Environment: 2/5

Pizza Hut Sensasi delights

23 05 2008

There is a new promo on Pizza that had made me feel like going there to have a try on this new food.. Sensasi delights.. Wat can i say about this food? NOt really nice as i was expecting.. I ordered.. Curry chicken set as well as the Pizza.. the Pizza I ordered is Lime Chicken Pizza. makan Makan.. at the Giant Shopping Mall.. at where.. Bayan Lepas.. after shopping at there.

-The Tissue, the Fork, Spoon, and Knife-

Here comes my drinks… Pepsi.. is my drinks.. i never realize can refill one now.. Lucky Jun tell me.. or not i also dono.. they have refill so i din order so many cups.. haha

– Pepsi drink-

Em.. here comes the soup.. Today is the Mushroom soup.. very nice.. and yummy and today is better.. dono why.. I felt sometimes the food is nice sometimes not.. but today ok lo..

Thats the curry chicken rice.. OMG.. so small plate.. not the same.. as the booklet.. jus 2-3 pieces of chicken.. really not worth it..and the taste is not nice.

At last, the main one.. pizza.. the ingredients only a bit and the taste is not nice at all.. weird taste.

AT the end.. it comes the garlic bread.. not bad..

Taste: 2/5
Service: 2/5
Environment: 3/5

Koay Teow Thng at Hutton Lane

23 05 2008

This coffee shop is famous for its Koay Teow Thng as my dad is one of their oftenly visit customer. I had tasted teh yummy Koay teow Thng buy me .. i am always in diet plan.. i always skip de koay teow but just take the fish ball.. thats the only things i love the most.. The fishballs are not like others but it is made by the owner it self … and it has more fish kua.. haha

– Fish Ball Soup-

Isn’t it special?? it is ..RM3 for a bowl.. how nice to have this when it is raining or early morning.Here comes the “main course” which is the Koay Teow Thng. We asked for extra ingredients and the person was so kind to put in so many extra stuff like fish balls, meat, pig intestines. Guess what, so much and it’s all for RM3.50 per bowl. It’s very good deal and thats my dad will say” ICHIBAN”.. and “oishi” haha

– Koay Teow Thng-

Oh.. ya.. the place is mosly pack wif people.. you have to wait for seats sometimes because it’s always full unless you are lucky.