Ipoh Fu San Dim Sum..

5 05 2008

Wat must you have in Ipoh?? hehe.. the first thing in my mind just one Fu San Dim Sum.. and thats where I headed once i am dere..this is one of my favorite yummy food.. i love the most. Wat I ordered? I ordered sui kao, siew mai, fishballs as well as chee cheong fan.. there are more but i am too full as well so jus makan a bit of this and tat.

1. Ha Kau

Ha Kau-

This ha kau is all wrapped in fresh prawns and hot and have a bit of some vege inside which taste nice. i really love the ha kau cause wrapping with prawns but not wif other likes pork.. full prawn.. and u bite in there are a bit of the watery prawns taste will flows to ur mouth.. yummy.

2. Fish Ball

-Fish Ball-

Fish Ball is just normal but the taste is also very very nice and yummy.. Besides that, the fish ball very nice where is because it has the “tan seng” dere..

3. Siew Mai

Not much to say.. jus a normal siew mai only.. so .. not much comments on them.

4. Char Siew Pau

Yummy Char Siew Pau.. the Cahr siew pau have lots of pork inside and the taste is nice.. yummy.. jus a bit tebal the skin..

5. Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun

Thats my favorite among all. the prawns is so fresh and the taste is supperb.. No comments.. just love it. Excellent taste.

Taste: 5/5
environment: 3/5
Price: RM 20




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