Kenny Rogers @ Jusco, Ipoh

5 05 2008

Thinking to grab things from Jusco… so have my dinner in Jusco. I know i should try Perak delicious food but my mind drolling again.. jus have to think to eat in Jusco Kenny Roger Roasters… it has been my favorite 2 years ago… and i was thinking to try the one in ipoh.

Food is the same.. but service is real real good.. it is a very nice services given by the waitress as well as another one is the design was nice. i like dem too. Thats wat I love the most.

– Isn’t it nice and romantic??-

– Me in Kenny Roasters-

– Isn’t de design is nice??-

We ordered the food .. yeah.. wat i ordered.. 1/4 chicken wif 3 side lines and i had coselaw and 2 fruits salad while HY ordered beans, fruits salad and rice. So, yummy the dishes.. besides that, we also ordered chocolate blended and strawberry blended.. Mine chicken is black pepper flavor while HY is original flavor. Oh.. forgot muffin, one is banana and another is chocolate flavor

Lets look at the yummy food.

here it comes the banana and the chocolate flavor.. is hot and its look like jus baked from oven.. em the taste is so so yummy.

Here comes HY set. is 1/4 chicken wif the side lines.. rice, fruits and corns.. and the chicken is drumstick.. original taste..

Thats mine set, my favorite black pepper chicken wif 3 sidelines. And the side lines.. is 2 of it is fruits while 1 is coselaw. Is very very nice.. and yummy.. and they give me extra sauce.. thats so nice of them.. wifout me asking

And now come the drinks, Strawberry gal.. wat choosen drinks.. of course is strawberry ice blended.. is so so nice and yummy…

– Ice Blended Strawberry and Chocolate-

Thats my meal for the day… is so so yummy and worth it and the ice blended is superb.. especially the strawberry.. yummy

Food: 4/5

Price : RM 60

Service: 4/5




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