Old Town Coffee @ Tambun, Ipoh, Perak

5 05 2008

morning food… morning is a time to makan.. and there are many place but a person who are being lazy and wake up late wif hungry stomach we ended up to the nearest coffee places thats OLd Town Coffee arround Tambun side.

The design of the shop was a bit cozy and they give free wifi service as well

So, we ordered some nice food from the nice menu that are being provided

– The Menu-

What I ordered , a very nice and yummy taste of the Ipoh Hor Fan.. it is says that it is a must to try this so I am going to try this Ipoh Hor Fan.. a very yummy one

-Ipoh Hor Fan-

I also ordered Ipoh Coffee Hazelnut flavor.. but the taste is not really nice and i don really like them.. so .. i think i won ordered thsi coffee again.. it does not taste nice

– The Coffee-

HY ordered Nasi Lemak.. and the nasi lemak looks nice.. i should ordered that kua.. but i din.. so nevermind la.. i jus taste a bit.. not bad taste.. is more Malay style.. hehe

Lastly is this one.. this is a must recomended where in this the bread is toast.. wif butter.. yummy and nice

Taste: 4/5

Price: RM 21

Environment: 3/5

Service: 2/5




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