Thean chun Cafe

10 05 2008

Thean Chun Cafe is the next stop in Ipoh, Junee and John took me to this shop.. it is said to be famous for the hor fan as well as for the popiah.. em.. so we went here. .. Thean Chun coffee shop at the town of Ipoh. I have no idea how to go along to this shop. Perhaps u can try and ask fr route to there.

Wat we ordered.. i ordered Cha Tan which is different from Penang.. which the soup is leong cha ..not the herbal cha tan which is in Penang and the taste is also completely different. So, wont be the same as in Penang.

I also get a try on the hor fan and the hor fan is totally different from Penang.. it is where the hor fan which is soft as well as the food is nice and special.. Other than that, the taste is a bit different .. from Penang and very special.. They don give big drumstick or duck meat but they have little slices of chicken meat additional with bean sprouts which is very nice

– The Beansprout and the Hor Fan-

Taste: 4/5




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