Nasi Lemak @ Golden eBay Restorant

15 05 2008

I are not many food where you can enjoy in Goldan e Bay Restorant, u can taste local hawker food like Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee, Wan Tan Mee and more.. But for me, the one i love the most is the Nasi Lemak. the Nasi Lemak is nyonya style and teh taste is fabolous.

The rice has the smell of Santan which is so fragrant and it so so nice. Besides that, There are mant choices of dishes u can choose like fish, chicken, ikan bilis and more. It is very nice and famois. It is located at the coffee shop at the corner. nearby there is the yong tau fu which is quite nice as well




3 responses

16 05 2008
Hafiz Pesona Senifoto

hi… nice blog u have here …. food also nice …
penang arrr..? me also in penang maa….

18 05 2008

yup… i m fr pg

20 05 2008

I knew about this from one of the email… they call this stall as “Leng Si Lai Nasi Lemak” – mean pretty autie who sell nasi lemak from

We PenangTuaPui yet to have time to explorer the store nor to look look and see see the pretty autie…

we will try it and share it in our blog…

btw.. u have a great blog ….. keep it up

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