Taman Emas Kopitiam- Hawker Delights

20 05 2008

Taman Emas Kopitiam, is a place where we can find many yummy food as well. In this, we can see that there are many yummy food. The location is is opposite Penang Chinese Girls High School at Gottlieb Road. This stall is famous mainly with students and working adults within nearby areas.

Em.. wat we ordered?? We ordered Hokkien Mee.. and this one is not bad. It has shrimps.. little shrimps as well as the soup is very very nice.. Other than that, wat they have is also a yummy and nice chillies.. haha.. so spicy .. thats good!!The hokkien meee is very nice.. RM 3.50 fr a bowl.

next, my sister ordered this one.. chicken feat. Not bad..and tats ok lo.. cause no mushroom only.. Is not mine fav but my sis one. This one is RM 4. But for me, i don really like them…

While my sis bf ordered this one..Char Koay Kak.. This char koay kak.. is not bad. Quite hot. ANd the taste is very very nice. RM 2 fr 1 set.. is small one.. but is also very full also .. i taste it on my last trip there.

For me wat i ordered.. haha.. this one.. a light food.Chee Cheong Fun. Not bad..but i don really like it cause fr me is too sweet.. so i still prefer the one in Pulau Tikus Market. Thumbs down.. Price is RM 1.60 per plate

This is wat we had.. at last the stall is open.. haha.. the shark fin soup. RM 6 shark fin soup.. and the taste is jus alike like real one.. but the shark fin not real one lo. Very nice. If u wanna try this, u must go a bit later bout 7pm – 8 pm.. cause the aunty and uncle open quite late.




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