Koay Teow Thng at Hutton Lane

23 05 2008

This coffee shop is famous for its Koay Teow Thng as my dad is one of their oftenly visit customer. I had tasted teh yummy Koay teow Thng buy me .. i am always in diet plan.. i always skip de koay teow but just take the fish ball.. thats the only things i love the most.. The fishballs are not like others but it is made by the owner it self … and it has more fish kua.. haha

– Fish Ball Soup-

Isn’t it special?? it is ..RM3 for a bowl.. how nice to have this when it is raining or early morning.Here comes the “main course” which is the Koay Teow Thng. We asked for extra ingredients and the person was so kind to put in so many extra stuff like fish balls, meat, pig intestines. Guess what, so much and it’s all for RM3.50 per bowl. It’s very good deal and thats my dad will say” ICHIBAN”.. and “oishi” haha

– Koay Teow Thng-

Oh.. ya.. the place is mosly pack wif people.. you have to wait for seats sometimes because it’s always full unless you are lucky.




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