Mc Donalds Banana Caramel Sundae

25 06 2008

Love ice creams.. now mcdonalds.. had release a new ice cream flavor which had make me go for it nearly every day.. the taste is fabolous.. and is yummy… it has a bit of caramel and banana taste.. is called Banana Caramel Sundae from Mc Donalds. This is the new release of McD..

After combining both of it, is not that sweet…compare wif choc sundae as well as strawberry sundae.. Overall is real nice… Grab them in any Mc Donalds outlet.

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM3.50


Koay Teow Th’ng @ Soon Yuen Coffeeshop, Penang

24 06 2008

LOve Koay Teow?? This shop is located at Chowrasta Market at the town.. and this coffeeshop is located is also famous fr many many food.. like chee cheong fun and many other choices.

One of my favorite Koay Teow Thng where u can have nice koay teow as well as the fresh home made fish ball.. so nice and yummy.. besides that, u can order many types of other rest of the food dere.. like duck meat.. and other nice stuff… like this one.. my parents love it.. but not me..

Taste: 4/5

Korean BBQ- BBQ Chicken, Gurney Plaza, Penang

24 06 2008

Have BBQ Chicken.. Nice!! Osihi des.. i ordered this nice yummy one Korean BBQ nice and not very oily.. other than that, it is nice and yummy one.. the chicken not oily and is two drumstick .. and its boneless..haha.. thats wat i love the most..

Other than that, the coselaw is nice and the potato is also nice.. and is fresh.. i love the taste.. and not that spicy as well.. teh BBq smell is strong..and u can love the taste..em.. service.. not really good.. and not much sitting spaces lo.

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 14
Service: 3/5

Fried Bihun@ Yee Hong

24 06 2008

In Yi Hong as well.. i went with my mum and dad to makan makan.. and we went Yi Hong .. to get a taste at the evening at Yi Hong.

Overall the taste is not bad and the price is ok.. the noodles is quite nice and fried well. Other than that, there are 3 prawns inside. oishi oishi.. is very nice .. and the price is reasonable .. about RM 3. very nice…

Drumstick Techno

22 06 2008

Last Thursday, my collegue is going for last day on Friday.. so he treat the whole team.. ice cream.. each of us get a drumstick ice cream.. Thanks Nathan fr the yummy ice cream… the ice cream is a new flavor one kua.. and the taste is nice.. it has combination of orange and chocolate where when you taste them u can have a bit of orange taste.. and the ice cream texture is ok nia.. not as nice .. as many places i took..

RM 2 each.. overall the taste is ok.. but le.. i don really love ot cause it spoilt the pure vanilla taste of the ice cream .. and it make me freezing cold in the office de whole day.. haha

Cheap and nice economy food

22 06 2008

Love to get nice and cheap economy food.. i found this stall in Yoyo in Sg Ara along Jalan Kenari.. The map is shown below.

The economy food is mostly open during evening about 4.00 pm – night where it has ranges of local delicious yummy food.. like em… curry chicken, curry fish, fried vege, fried chicken, and lots more..

The food are fresh and most important is cheap.. Nice and cheap!!! Yummy one word.

How to go:

Pasta @ chopper Board, Queensbay Mall, Penang

22 06 2008

Nice Pasta.. i am getting siao to pasta after watching Nicholas Teo Wei Siao Pasta.. and it has become my favorites.. and last 2 days went to try them @ Choppers Board.. em.. taste is ok not bad.. but of course not as nice as many places lo.. is ok wif the price.. RM 7 wat u expect wor .. wif a drink.. haha..

Em.. the noodles is ok.. just the ingredients is not much.. and not much cheeze so is not so cheezy.. like dat only lo.. so so nia..

Taste: 3/5
Price : RM 7