Jade Palace Dinner

31 07 2008

Had a wedding diner at Jade Palace last weekend .. The foodin not bad. Heard that the table cost RM600/table. Let’s see wat is so so oishi for the RM 600/table

4 SEASON – this is mostly an appetizer in all restorant where they start with 4 season.. so this one they have Jelly fish and sotong .. so the taste is like wat u taste in sushi king which they do the seasoning on the both food. Next is the fried Wantan which I think the taste is normal .. not consider very nice. And they also have fishball and cheshewnut chicken

Shark Fin Soup- Not bad.. but a little too starchy

BBQ Piglet – everyone says is nice.. but for me.. I think is a bit scary and pity the piglet

Nyonya Sauce Fish- this is where the fish is cooked with some sweet and sour chilies and is a bit hot .. but consider nice.. Jus pity the fish is not that fresh lo

Mushroom Abalone Vegetables – This is nice.. they cook with hoh yau … which is a kind of sauce. Not bad

Nestum Prawn- not bad.. jus the Nestum taste is less only …
Lam Mee ( Bday Mee) – is jus yellow mee.. where this mee is taken during birthday mostly.

Peanut Soup wif Fried Bread.. – eee.. I don like them… but the older generation aunty claims is nice.. cause it is hardly can be found anymore

Overall the food taste not bad. Quirte nice

Taste: 4/5


Tom Yam Yong Tau Fu @ Yee Hong

31 07 2008

Is makan time again and had Tom Yam Yong Tau Fu @ Yee Hong.. Usually Yong Tau Fu is mostly come with clear soup but this time it comes with tom yam for you to choose. Yong tau fu is somekind of lok lok as well but it can consider that it comes wif more hygienic way lo.. cause you are not sharing wif people.. so u choose wat u wants and they come in a bowl with the ingredients. Yee Hong Yong Tau Fu is kinda not bad taste.. and the price is also reasonable. I mostly love to order tang hoon with tomyam and put few piexes of fishballs, mushrooms and wantan that cost me about RM 4 a bowl. I ordered one is tom yam.. is not very spicy though and the taste is nice as well.

Oishi.. desu

Price: RM 4

Taste: 3/5

Chicken Rice, Koay Teow Th’ng, Ais Kacang @ Keat Seng, Penang Road , Penang

29 07 2008

Went to Kat Seng again.. and this time we took this few nice yummy food.. Though is kinda hard to get a parking there but it would not resist me to go dere and again.. is kinda an old shop along Penang Road .. but the food there is quite nice.. One of the famous food is also it chicken rice..and I grab a plate of it fr sure.. how can Strawberry Gal resist nice chicken rice as it is one of her favorites. The chicken is quite smooth even though is not chicken drumstick and is not salty cause they will put the soya souce on the chicken… and the taste is incredibly nice..It cost me RM3.50 per plate

Dad and Mum ordered the Koay Teow Thng. The Koay Teow Th’ng is cook bowl by bowl.. so u need some patience to wait for it and mosly those Koay Teow Thng which is cooked this way will taste nicer than usual. The koay teow is kinda smooth and they put the fishball and some chicken slices inside .. and overall the taste is not bad with additional on some vege..

Lastly, Mum ordered the AIs Kacang, It is said that the ais kacang is one of the famous one in Penang .. so is a must to try wor.. but for me.. maybe I don like too sweet stuff. The ais kacang was kinda too sweet but the taste is not bad.. Worth to grab a try ,,


Chicken Rice: RM3.50

Koay Teow Thng : RM3

Ais Kacang : RM 3

Taste: Overall 4/5

RM 10 Set from Secret Recepies, Bayan Baru, Penang

29 07 2008

Went to Secret Recepies wif HP, not having the delicious cake but I had the RM 10 promo set lunch.. em.. one thing fr sure , u need to go early or not u will spend your time waiting for your food .. this set comes wif a cup of drink and the main course it self. I ordered Black Pepper chicken set while HP ordered the Mushroom set. There are only 3 choices for the chicken main course: black pepper, BBQ and mushroom sauce. All of them cost RM13.50 each and comes with some salad and rice.

Ok.. the black pepper chicken set is nice.. is consider oishi.. as it has the strong hot black pepper taste.. that’s what I love about it.. and HP Mushroom chicken taste not bad as well. The look of it and the taste of it is not bad. So.. is a not bad taste .. considerable .. oishi.. if u love them.. u can get a grab of the taste of them.. Yummy Yummy

Service is kinda poor..not considerable friendly lo de ppl dere ..

Taste: 4/5

Price: RM 10 ++

Service: 2/5

Chicken Rice @ Chicken Rice Shop, Qbay Mall, Penang

29 07 2008

Chicken Rice shop is another place fr chicken rice.. but this chicken rice is said to high class chicken rice as the price is 2 times the price of the chicken rice in the local coffee shop as u will be paying for the environment haha.. I went there last week.. cause drolling around gurney plaza … dono wat to makan.. and at last make de decision of taking chicken rice.. The set come up to RM 13 ++ for a plate of chicken rice and a soup, a desert , a plate of tauge and a drink.. is consider ok lo.. but if u request drumstick RM 1 extra,. The price is kinda expensive and the taste is totally no QC.. hehe,, sometimes is nice and sometimes not .. haiz.. the taste is kinda not really fresh the chicken

Price : RM 13 ++

Taste: 2/5

Fried Tang Hoon @ Sky coffeeshop, Bandar Sg Long, Selangor

29 07 2008

Went to Sky Coffeshop again and had this one tang hoon.. is one of my favorite ..and this fried tang hoon is kinda spicy a bit, mayb too much of sambal … hehe… and the food is overall ok.. it was being fried wif chicken meat and bit of cabbage and carrot. The taste is overall is ok.. not too bad.. but the size is big..

Oh ya.. where is it – it is at Bandar Sungai Long .. the shophouses around UTAR

Price – RM 4
Taste: 3/5

Café Julie @ Bukit Jambul

17 07 2008

Café Julie @ Bukit Jambul

Fetching Mum back from BJ, and saw a shop at the BJ Apartments.. around the place of the nice Pan Me at BJ. We ordered a few dishes where we ordered 3 of them.. one is Siam Laksa and Lemon chicken Rice and lastly the Ipoh Beansprout Chicken Rice. Service wise is not bad

The Siam Lemak Laksa.. for me is kinda weird and not nice at all. The taste is some sort of too lemak and the laksa noodles is different. Not recommended

The Lemon Chicken Rice is ok ok.. I just taste bits.. the lemon taste not as sour as I am expecting.. and the chicken is deep fried.. and is kinda hard .. since they might fried them for too long kua..Taste is ok ok only

Chicken rice.. nothing special jus a chicken rice but the rice is white rice.. I prefer the oily rice for chicken rice.. is nicer.. so is just normal not much special.. and the chicken is not real fresh


Taste: 2/5

Price: RM 13