Johnny @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

2 07 2008

Em.. have Johnny this time.. actual plan is sushi king but the ended in Johny.. haha.. kinda funny rite.. em..cause thinking to eat the delicious fried chicken so choose johny lo..

we din take steamboat but we took others that is the set lo.. RM 8.90 per set haven added wif tax la.. em.. ok.. wat they offer .. a soup, a drik, ur lunch set as a desert- an icecream.. where is it located? em is at the basement of Queensbay Mall at the Central Zone next to Wong Kok
Hehe.. tats a set. How nice.. let me show u the yummy food that I ordered ah…

We started of the soup .. is tom yam soup..em.. not that spicy today.. a moderate taste of spicy .. and the soup jus have mushrooms and plain tomyam nia lo.. don expect u can see big prawns lo.. haha.. is jus a plain soup wif mushrooms.. abalone mushrooms..haha…

They also give u the sauce.. is nice.. here is de pic

after that they give you ur drink.. the drink is no much taste.. is called pandan tea.. but no tea smell but have wat smell…haha.. de pandan smell.. em.. is thai style but I don really much like dem. Cause not much taste.. haha

Here comes de main dish

1. daddy ordered this one : Thai style KOay teow.. .. em.. the taste is not bad.. have the koay teow taste and the soup is reasonable.. nice taste.. The ingredients is the chicken…halal ma.. so is chicken only lo.. and they put some veggie, taufu and bean sprout. The taste is really like the one is like de one u can have them in Thailand . The taste is reasonably good and nice. Oishi oishi

2.Mummy ordered Mushroom nice.. Let see wat they have.. they have sliced fried eggs and added wif mushroom.. dey give the long mushroom and few types of mushroom and is not spicy ,.. as well as filament stick. The rice is nice cause it is not sticky and u can munch ur rice well.. haha.. they provide de thai style sambal and the taste is nice.. not that hot ..

3.Me,, yeah.. I ordered Pineapple fried rice.. and inside is pineapple and the slice eggs lo.. besides that, they also put there nice stuff, lots of filament stick and pineapples .. hehe… and they give lime.. if u wanna taste sour haha.. not bad.. the taste Is nice as well

4.My sis ordered belacan rice and they give her this one…. Got chicken and onions as well.. the taste of belacan is nice and not that salty as wat I aspect it to be.. is still ok.

After having our main course, we also ordered the chicken wings .. there are 5 chicken wings in a set.. yummy so grab them .. but the waiting time is kinda long .. cause they fried them on spot.. freshly made.. so need to wait lo.. no choice.. but is very nice and yummy

Lastly, comes the ice cream.. is not Hagen dasz or Baskin.. but jus normal ice cream.. wat I choose, strawberry la of course … strawberry gal ma.. sure love strawberry one lo…

The bill came out about RM 53 for all this yummy dishes.. cheap??

Taste: 4/5

Service: 5/5




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