Pun Chun Wantan Mee and Duck Mee

8 07 2008

On the way to KL and we stop by to Bidor Pun Chun to taste the famous duck noodles as well as the wan tan mee. Em.. let see wat can I say bout the food dere.. em.. is no doubt the shop is real famous and packed with people even though we reach there at bout 3 pm .. oh gosh.. we are lucky to get a place. So, we ordered the food there and the service is not really good.. em.. I consider them a bit rude.. maybe too much business and under control kua..

I ordered wan tan mee and rest ordered duck noodles.. so, total we ordered 2 plates of wan tan mee and 4 bowls of duck noodles.. waiting time is still ok.. boot 10 minutes..consider ok lo.. not tat slow as I expected.

The wan tan mee… er.. the taste not as delighting as I expected.. and the wantan is also not as tasty that much as well. The price is RM 4 per plate. Em, comparable the mee is not really nice.. and for me is very salty.. since I don take much salt. Em.. futhermore de wan tan like not much ingridients as well. .. haiz.. and charge me so much.. like not worth lo..

The duck meat mee is abit weird.. my expectation is wantan mee style.. but ended up with this one herbal duck noodles.. Em.. the duck is overcook where the meat is a bit stiff di,, em.. the soup is full with herbal taste and the noodles are wan tan noodles. Oh ya, they give you the whole L-shape drum stick.. em.. if you love the herbal taste you can have a try.. if no don wan lo. The price is RM 6 per bowl

And I ordered teh famous Ipoh Coffee.. em.. de taste is a bit bitter.. is nice.

Taste: 3/5


Address: 38-40, Jalan Besar, Bidor, 35500 Perak (Opens from 5 am to 10 pm daily)

Tel: 05-434 1554, 05-434 1562




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