Dunkins Donut in Midvalley

9 07 2008

What is a must when I am in KL? Haha is donuts.. it has been a must to buy donuts … when I am in KL.. that’s my favorite of all.. and his time I took Dunkins Donut.. is my 4th time taking it and I could not say NO.. though my favorite is still JCo.. but I still cant resists Dunkins as well.. I am in Mid Valley and I had this one.. oh gosh.. and is real sedap!! Oishi des.. I love it so so much. I think is a promo.. buy 6 free 2 so.. wat I take.. for the 6 is of course my favorite peppermint haha as well as peanut, tiramisu and chocolate.

The taste is ok.. but I still prefer JCo.. no choice.. din go Pavillion.. so no JCo.. haiz…em.. we ordered 2 specially brewed coffee as well is Dunkins Coffee.. em .. is not really nice.. but ok still

Overall the bill with the coffee is RM22.80.. Ok ka?? Hehe




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