Chicken Rice, Koay Teow Th’ng, Ais Kacang @ Keat Seng, Penang Road , Penang

29 07 2008

Went to Kat Seng again.. and this time we took this few nice yummy food.. Though is kinda hard to get a parking there but it would not resist me to go dere and again.. is kinda an old shop along Penang Road .. but the food there is quite nice.. One of the famous food is also it chicken rice..and I grab a plate of it fr sure.. how can Strawberry Gal resist nice chicken rice as it is one of her favorites. The chicken is quite smooth even though is not chicken drumstick and is not salty cause they will put the soya souce on the chicken… and the taste is incredibly nice..It cost me RM3.50 per plate

Dad and Mum ordered the Koay Teow Thng. The Koay Teow Th’ng is cook bowl by bowl.. so u need some patience to wait for it and mosly those Koay Teow Thng which is cooked this way will taste nicer than usual. The koay teow is kinda smooth and they put the fishball and some chicken slices inside .. and overall the taste is not bad with additional on some vege..

Lastly, Mum ordered the AIs Kacang, It is said that the ais kacang is one of the famous one in Penang .. so is a must to try wor.. but for me.. maybe I don like too sweet stuff. The ais kacang was kinda too sweet but the taste is not bad.. Worth to grab a try ,,


Chicken Rice: RM3.50

Koay Teow Thng : RM3

Ais Kacang : RM 3

Taste: Overall 4/5




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