RM 10 Set from Secret Recepies, Bayan Baru, Penang

29 07 2008

Went to Secret Recepies wif HP, not having the delicious cake but I had the RM 10 promo set lunch.. em.. one thing fr sure , u need to go early or not u will spend your time waiting for your food .. this set comes wif a cup of drink and the main course it self. I ordered Black Pepper chicken set while HP ordered the Mushroom set. There are only 3 choices for the chicken main course: black pepper, BBQ and mushroom sauce. All of them cost RM13.50 each and comes with some salad and rice.

Ok.. the black pepper chicken set is nice.. is consider oishi.. as it has the strong hot black pepper taste.. that’s what I love about it.. and HP Mushroom chicken taste not bad as well. The look of it and the taste of it is not bad. So.. is a not bad taste .. considerable .. oishi.. if u love them.. u can get a grab of the taste of them.. Yummy Yummy

Service is kinda poor..not considerable friendly lo de ppl dere ..

Taste: 4/5

Price: RM 10 ++

Service: 2/5




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