Jade Palace Dinner

31 07 2008

Had a wedding diner at Jade Palace last weekend .. The foodin not bad. Heard that the table cost RM600/table. Let’s see wat is so so oishi for the RM 600/table

4 SEASON – this is mostly an appetizer in all restorant where they start with 4 season.. so this one they have Jelly fish and sotong .. so the taste is like wat u taste in sushi king which they do the seasoning on the both food. Next is the fried Wantan which I think the taste is normal .. not consider very nice. And they also have fishball and cheshewnut chicken

Shark Fin Soup- Not bad.. but a little too starchy

BBQ Piglet – everyone says is nice.. but for me.. I think is a bit scary and pity the piglet

Nyonya Sauce Fish- this is where the fish is cooked with some sweet and sour chilies and is a bit hot .. but consider nice.. Jus pity the fish is not that fresh lo

Mushroom Abalone Vegetables – This is nice.. they cook with hoh yau … which is a kind of sauce. Not bad

Nestum Prawn- not bad.. jus the Nestum taste is less only …
Lam Mee ( Bday Mee) – is jus yellow mee.. where this mee is taken during birthday mostly.

Peanut Soup wif Fried Bread.. – eee.. I don like them… but the older generation aunty claims is nice.. cause it is hardly can be found anymore

Overall the food taste not bad. Quirte nice

Taste: 4/5




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